Dec 13, 2012

Siiinging and becoming a My Little Pony

So I have a great friend, his name is Andreas (Fluke), he can sing, I also have a great friend called Janica (Only), and she can REALLY sing, and so can Firebird and Linda too... and I can't... People really think I am kidding when I say I can't sing! But I am not! I really cannot sing, I am a complete disaster, but that doesn't mean I do not sing, I still sing. I think taht people were wishing I spared them from my amazing non-tradional versions of songs I used to love when I was younger...I have been butchering any song you love since karoke came my way...

So we got together and sang SingStar at Andreas place, well, they sang and I mumbled into the microphone, and then acted as the announcer in between songs. It was delightful... If you ever seen "My best friends wedding" I am just a tad WORSE than Cameron Diaz is in that movie... and this is not me trying to make anyone say "noooo, you are great" because I am very VERY aware that sining is NOT my talent... My friend Husse loves to point out how bad I am, just ask her! She will tell you!

I love how I just spent an entire blog talking about how bad I am at sining, but I really am! I am very ok with it, and I had a FANTASTIC night, and as soon as Andreas get som more Johnny Cash songs on Singstar - I will kick all of your asses (or not)

Oh, and before that I went and had Lady Lovely Blocks (Anna) at Extend cut my hair and put some lovley extenstions in my hair... I feel like a My Little Pony... there is something about this time of the year, I easily feel down, like I am falling head first into a very dark hole. So I figured that some pastel hair extensions could make me smile... I am smiling... so I guess it sort of worked. I AM NOW AN UNICORN!

I even got away with it at work... yay... I am an accounting Unicorn
I am a sexitary and Only is only her...
And tehn it was time for VERY competative duettes! 

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