Jun 15, 2011

Stockholm vs. Kallio - bouting time

Twisted jamming towards a win

So as we all know me and Malou went to Stockholm last weekend and worked at the Stockholm vs Kallio bout, Malou as a fab announcer and I brought SwedeVix with me so people could try on skates and get amazing socks spelling out worlds like WHISKEY, VODKA, BEER, EVIL, BACON and GAY...  oh, and we had lots of other more derby related things too... well, I guess we also watched two bouts... well I watched and Malou had the pleasure to talk about them while they were going on.

I must say that Kallio are a very lovable team, they seem to have a great and happy attitude towards each other and the other team, even if I must say that their names are on the raunchy side, but you just cannot dislike a team that are called Rolling Rainbows... makes me think of unicorns, and we all know I love unicorns! And most things I know in Finnish are very offensive...

First up was Stockholms rookie team vs. Kallios rookie team, it was not a full length bout, it was just 15min x 2, and to be honest, the Stockholm rookies crushed the Kallio rookies, by lots and lots of points, I acctually don't even know exactly by how much, but it was by quite a lot. Looks like Stockholm has quite some talent among their rookies.

Second was the bout we all waited for, Stockholm vs. Kallio - two teams that previously had played each other and last time Stockholm walked away with a win, but that was a couple of months ago. It started off looking like it might become a nailbiter, especially after the Stockholm jammer got sent to the box and Kallio managed to put more points on the scoreboard than STRD, this did not last for long, since the Kallio jammer got sent to the box and Hyper evened out the score, and that was the closest Kallio came to winning the game. With 13 minutes left of the first period Stockholm was up by 55 - 21 and Stockholms jammers continously earning lead jammer status and adding onto the lead, point by point, calling it off in the right time, and with Kallio playing a very back heavy pack, this payed off,  by halftime the score was 55 - 24, in the favor to Stockholm.

The second period could have been a time for come-back for Kallio, but it wasn't - Stockholm continued to score and giving Kallio very few opporunities to score on them, the Stockholm pack playing tight and distracting the Kallio blockers who did not really get their jammer through let along stop the Stockholm jammers. With 12 minutes left on the clock Stockholm was up by 108 - 39 points, and I was quite confident that they had it in the box. Husse, Hyper, Blood and Twisted were a very successful jammer combination, and both Husse and Twisted are looking fierce blocking too... and I must also say that Kallios jammer who had the number 9 (Camilla T. Bagger) did a really good job too, since I have her jotted down in my notes.

It was great job by both teams, and I must say that I was quite weary in the end of the two bouts since it was about 40 degrees celcius in Visätra Hallen (where the bout was held) and that is funny, considering it is an icehall... yeah we joked about that quite a lot. I was about to melt away... but I was only wearing a bikini-top for quite a big part of the bout, considering they had an Aloha theme...

The afterparty was not as wild as I had expected, and I think that Jazz Ass, Husse, Twisted and a shoppingcart took the win... and the pony race was won by a VERY selfconfident Husse... there was also a human pyramid built at the afterparty... and I was in it, and I am happy I am still alive...

over and out...


  1. Good description of the game.
    Would like to add that (at least to my newbie-derby eyes) in later part of second period Kallio was blocking our jammers quite effectivly and Hyper seemed rather frustrated at times. Didn't stop us from scoring though :-)
    Also I had the feeling that towards the end Kallio's players had become more tired than STRD's, whether due to the high heat or the support from the audience I don't know.
    This was the third bout I ever watched (1st was STRD vs Hamburg in Hamburg which we lost, 2nd was STRD vs Hamburg rematch in Sthlm which we won), and me and many friends said that this bout seemed much 'rougher' with more majors for both teams. Fun for us and hopefully still good for the teams. Seemed like no hard feelings after the bout anyway. Maybe Derby love and the rough action are both flip sides of the same coin..

  2. No hard feelings from Kallio EVER! We play rough and love rougher.

    I have to say this was the best bout I've ever played. Had so much fun. I didn't like the after party bar that much though and was exhausted after travelling, not eating properly and playing in that heat. Maybe next time?

    Love from Kallio.