Jun 11, 2011

My life is niiiice....

it's almost 8 pm and it's still sunny

I have an amazing girlfriend, I have an amazing family (that live a little too far away still) I have amazing friends, I get to coach a hardworking and motivated leauge, I get to skate, I'm healthy, my girlfriend loves me and I get to travel to coach derby. I think I am happy, I think I should be happy, of course there are things that I am not happy about, but sometimes I just think that I have to set all the negative things aside and live in the moment.

Of course I wish I was in Phoenix right now, playing with Team Legit, I was supposed to, but my monetary situation just don't allow me. It is sad, but I'll get to play with them next time. So instead I'm going for a run on Ekerö, by my mothers house and then heading over Visätra to set my SwedeVix table up to earn some money and watch lot's of Scandinavian derby.... see some of my really great friends play.

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