Jun 9, 2011

Berlin Bombshells vs. Copenhagen Rollin Heartbreakers in Berlin

Photo by Michael Witting

I am always delighted to watch bouts, I do like playing them more, but I must say that it is fun to get to play. European Derby is still so new and everything is sort of unknown - and coming to a bout is always interesting, since you never know what to expect.
Teams that win with 200 points, get beaten by 200 points, and since there is no real ranking system in Europe, it is hard to know what levels the teams that are playing on, and you don't know if you are in for a nailbiter or a blow-out.

So me and Malooney and some Crime City girls just leaned back to watch this bout...

I was quite certain that Berlin was going to win, but I did not know with how much, and Copenhagen probably have one of the fastest jammers of Europe in Martattack. The first two jams made the game look like it would be more towards the nailbiting side, but after that Berlin took control and never looked back... Berlin has really good packawareness, trackawareness and strong blocking... Bones from Berlin had an amazing hit and so did MasterBlaster, and Heavy Rotation did what I apriciate most among blockers, kept a jammer behind her, lap... after lap...
Krazy Kris from Copenhagen had one amazing apex jump, but most of the time Copenhagen seemed to have a problem getting thru any other jammer but Martattack and Kris, and they really could not contain any of the Berlin jammers, Zany Zunders and Master Blaster both blasted (no pun intended) through the pack, and kept on evening out the few points that the Copenhagen jammers managed to pick up.
Oh, oh, oh... and it was fun to watch... and Copenhagens gold outfits are truly creative and fun. But I cannot forget to mention that the AFTERPARTY had a pool by the river, and once again a rollergirl misstook the river for the pool... but swimming in a pool in Berlin and drinking WeinSchorle with amazing derbygirls... cannot COMPLAIN at all...

  It is awesome to see all the ambition there are in European derby, I love to be a part of all this, even if I do miss US play, but life is what it is, and I am happy to be where I am, in very exciting times of rollerderby in Europe. I truly love rollerderby - there is nothign that is as amazing as playing roller derby!

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