Jun 21, 2011

Crime City wins over Paris Rollergirls

It was quite a messy bout, both teams were quite penalty ridden - but it was good times and we ended up winning and the team still did look great. We have lot's to learn, I am slowly growing into the role as team-captain... even if i think the travel-team start to need a manager... sometimes I feel like I am spreading myself quite thin... but who isn't nowdays... I am finally back in bed, my own bed, after spending the past four nights on wooden floors, air-matresses and couch pillows... so my body loves me a little more now.
I have about 30 unread e-mails that needs answering, I am leaving for Stuttgart in a few days, since I am coaching at Ralley in the Valley... anyone need a ride from Malmö to Stuttgart?
If I have some more time tomorrow I will write more about the Paris trip and the bout, it was good times. 

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