Jun 28, 2011

On the road in Germany

White Team

I am sorry, I haven't written in a long time, but life been really hectic and there have been a couple of events that have been emotionally taking a toll and I have not had the time or the energy to write.

I just spent the weekend coaching in Stuttgart, at a boot-camp, it was great. I am always so pleased to see that European roller-derby is stepping forward... Step by step...  stride by stride... both me and Loony have also developed a crush on Titty Twista, but I guess that is just normal, since she is sooo adorble!

The bootcamp was a two-day affair with a three hour scrimmage finale... It was FUN and I got to scrimmage - and I really like that! And Stuttgart knows what I like - I got WEINSCHORLE!!!

Right now we have made it to Kaiserslautern - chilling by the American Military base, swimming in slimy lakes, getting on base and eating at Chilis and feeling like we are in little America.... whoop whooop...


  1. I have a crush on Titty Twister, too...

  2. I have a Crush on Swede, Loony and Tina... <3

  3. Jag är glad att du har det bra. Malmö är tomt utan dig och Loony :(