Apr 25, 2011

Leaving home to go home

the barn next to the barn

Me, Kris and Loony are all sitting at Husses floor eating breakfast and drinking coffee... Soon we are taking off to head back south to Malmö. It has been a great vacation and it has been so nice to be at Stockholm Rollerderbys practice and not having to coach all the time.  Stockholm is just a leauge with so much heart and focus, and I love being up here, but I also have a great connection with lots of girls in the team, some of them were even my friends before I started derby.
Jazz just joined Stockholm a few month ago, and we been friends for quite a while, and I am happy to see her on skates. Yesterday she invited me, Loony and Kris over for dinner, and she made the most amazing meal EVER... like no kidding!

It has also been great haning out with my family, my mothers house is truly amazing, and my family is totally welcoming and loving. It is so calm and nice, and my stepdad cooks the most amazing meals!

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