Apr 14, 2011

How I love Berlin Bombshells

Germans not so colorful
First time I ever saw Berlin Bombshells was during the German Championships (I even wrote a Five on Five article about that) and I met a few of them very briefly, Shevil I met by touching her feet so I could report back to Bonnie and OMG at Five Stride how her skates were fitting her.... Since then my relationship with the Bombshells have evolved. I attended EROC as an instructor and really got to know MasterBlaster, Shevil and HeavyRotation - who I now very much think are amazing people and I always want to return to.
Berlin Bombshells are a really hardworking team with lots of really great skaters - they are one of the teams that I am planning on going skating with for a bit this summer. I love Berlin in the summer and my German really need some freashing up. I mean you only get sooo far on ''WeinSchorle''
For some reason they all seem to have black hair - it almost made me belive that you have to have black hair to join the team... As you can see on the picture - I am trying to fit in by wearing a black shirt - but my love for Montreal and spandex sort of take over... even if I must admit that those spandex where bought in Berlin...

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