Apr 16, 2015

Sometimes you gotta rest and eat.

I am a go-go-go person, have you met me? I want everything to happen now now now... and I am restless and sometimes I move on so fast I don't finish what I am doing. I try to read three books at the same time and also listen to three different podcasts and when I'm online I'm always reading three diffeent articles, chattign with at least five people at the same time as I try to put a spreadsheet/article/budget/whatever I am working on together.

In short, I often overwhelm myself and sometimes I get lost in what I shouldn't be doing instead of doing what I should be doing.

Well, that was not what this blog was gonna be about, that is a totally different blog, this blog was gonna be about working out/skating and remembering to plan in recovery days. If you work out and skate as many of us do, we need to have days where we let our muscles recover. We need to let ourselves rest... our bodies need to rest to recover and become stronger. We aalso need to EAT! Food is really an important part of becoming stronger. Eating healthy is really not gonna be bad, but make sure that you are not obsessed with not eating fat or carbs... ect... you need fat and you need carbs if you work out. Everytime I start to obsess about what to eat and not to eat, I usually gain waight, because my brain omitt the word NOT...

So if I think I can NOT eat ice-cream, my brain hears I CAN eat ice-cream and I get a craving for it. I am not saying that eating ice-cream is a bad thing, but it's not dinner and I rather have something else... I do love ice-cream so I will have it a few times a week... just not everyday... everything is fine in moderation...  and with that said, gaining weight is not that bad. I've gained 5 pounds the past two months. I don't really weigh myself more than once a month, because it is not about your weight... my muscles are HEAVY, and the past two months Gotham Allstars season have kicked in, and that means LOT'S of working out... also five pounds of blocker weight is not gonna hurt me...

I know my body (most of the time), and sometimes I need to take two days off from skating and intense off-skate... it doesn't mean I am just laying in bed all day. It usually means I take a long walk, streach, take a warm bath. Have a big steak, some ice-cream and a glass or two of wine... or real good beer... maybe even a kiss or two... (HA, one can only dream).

Because we are worth it! ANd in my go-go-go life and always striving to become better, faster, harder and stronger, I sometimes forget that the resting is important... and to eat... undereating is just as bad as overeating... Overtraining is just as bad as not training at all, and will generally leave you weaker than when you began!
 Ortorexia is a thing YO!

Be careful and take care of yourself... 

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