Apr 15, 2015

A little life update... april 2015

Roller derby is one of the better things that have happened to me, or rather that I found and made happen. Because that is the charm with derby, WE are all the people that make it happen. Season has started and on and off-skate is becoming intense. I am always a little sore, if it's not from one of our amazing jammers railing into my ribs it's prbably from some intense workout that Violet has put together for us.

One of the things I really appreciate about Gotham is the workethic, how everyone give their 100% and never gives up. On and off the track. Rollerderby is a teamsport, and you have to have your entire team want the same thing, to work hard towards the same thing, to trust our leaders. I miss having Fisti on the team, I still get to see her, because friends you make in derby are sometimes for life... and I'm keeping her. She also is room mates with one of my best friends Frozen... so she gets to see me wether she wants it or not.

I still live with Viscious and Violet, and for most of the time my brother from another mother Kenbo is here. We live  deep into Brooklyn, and I must say I like it here. I also see lots of my international friend Brazilian Nut who just transferred back to Gotham from Philly. Oh, and I am also single and ready to mingle, if anyone was wondering.... ha ha ha... and also me and Krissy Krash are building something that I think is going to be fun: DERBYSMASH - a way for derby people like me and you (yeah YOU) to connect. If you wanna sign up for our newsletter:
http://www.blockerseekingjammer.com/ don't be shy!! I will write more about derbysmash in my next blog...

I played my first game with Bronx Gridlock and I made the 2015 Gotham Allstar squad.... EXCITED!!

I still feel like I am developing as a skater, and after four years of not really gotten coached and just focused more on others develpment, it's quite cool to just be helped and told what to do... ha ha ha
And as I said in the previous blog, I'm one of the New York Shock Excahnge managers this season, and I am superexcited to work with the team and the other managers. This past year has really given me a new outlook on mens rollerderby.

Yeah... and I am going to write in my blog more often... because I want too!!


  1. How exciting that you're working with NYSE this year! Hope to make it down to watch Gotham on 7/18 and hope I get to see you at Mohawk Valley Cup too :)

  2. Super excited for this season!!