May 1, 2015

OFF SKATE WORK OUT - because you are worth it

We are all worth it, our bodies are worth it!

We play a FULL CONTACT sport, that means that we are throwing our bodies into each other. It's gonna hurt, and sometimes you might even break, It happens... its not sometign we want to happen, so that's where the off-skate work out comes in. NOT so you can eat as much icecream as you want (even if it is a nice side-effect) but for your body to be able to take it.
For your body to be ready to take 172 pound Swedish wrecking ball... well, I am not that much of a wrecking ball, but off-skate has healped me become a better skater.

I am strong, so I can stay low, I am strong so I can take a hit, I am strong and my muscles weigh a whole bunch and makes me stable. I become a trustworthy skater on the track. I am fit, so my team knows I will last an entire game. Also my fitness makes me able to recover faster, and I am alwys ready to go, go... GO... and sometimes I rest, because that is also important!

My strenght and fitness comes from working out at places like Good To Go when I am in Stockholm and with Gotham and the amazing off-skate programs that Violet Knockout puts together for the Gotham Allstars. It also comes from my determination to become a better and stronger athlethe...

So my message to all of you out there, don't skip the off-skate, it might be what saves you from injuries in the end. AND it also gives you a body you can be proud of, a functional body that will make you able to excel in the sport you love!

Can't wait for the 2015 travel team season to really start... 

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