Jun 19, 2013

WFTDA Annual Meeting - exciting things

A few times that thought of not being involved on rollerderby has hit me - and I really conmsidered it, but then I always have to rethink it because I go on amazing journeys and rediscover the essence of why I started rollerderby from the get go.

PPL that work (non-payed) in the oragnization got a hat... so we could recognize them and say how  much we appreciate them (and also to ask them questions)
This year I had the opportunity to go to the WFTDA Annual Meeting that was held in Florida, Stockholm has just gotten our fullmembership and we were allowed to bring two reps, all leauges that are full members are welcome to join. And it was AMAZING to sit around and discuss the sport that we have built, the sport that we all love and try to draw up guidelines for what the future will entail.

Crime City Rollers representing by Muffa
WFTDA har grown out of a few leauges deciding it be good if they all played under the same ruleset; back in the day - like 10 years ago, there was no agreed upon ruleset, and teams would come together and decide  before the game what was legal and not legal. I mean, I started 6 years ago, and I can say, that was never the case for me, but I also know how the existance of WFTDA has hightened the level of gameplay, it has made us grow into organized, amazing, strong athletes, in a very revolutionary way.

It is very cool knowing that WFTDA is expanding internationally, that we have more and more European leauges joining, Australian, Asian - it's a worldwide revolution, of a sport that was founded and most people thought was a fad, traditional sportsfederations laughed at us and the newspapers thought we belonged in "nöjesidorna". The ruleset is getting translated and as a small step of that a few of us international skaters, translated the WFTDA missionstatement into our native language. I must say it almost made me cry to stand infront of hunderads of WFTDA reps and read out the missionstatement.

WFTDA is so much more than a platform for competative play, it's a forum for disscussion, for developing, for asking questions, to answer questions and to make your voice heard and your vote count!

We all walked around with little nametags, the sticker showed how many times you had attended, This was  my first year, so I had one! 

WFTDA Annual meeting was amazing - we sat indoors in sunny Florida  from 9am until 5 pm and shared opinions, thoughts, dissaponiments, views and visions. We shared what has worked for us, and what is not working, and then we had free drinks (true story, the hotel had an open bar for an hour) and kept on talking poolside. 

Only at WFTDACon you will end up in a cuddlepuddle with some of your favorite skaters!

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