Jun 19, 2013

There is so much to rollerderby...

Coming back from an injury is not easy - it's never easy to not being able to be on track and just wait and for your body to heal. I am one of those people for the very first time, this is the longest I've been off skates since I started rollerderby 5 years ago...

Potential Fresh Meat after theri first Foundational Skills exercise
It's hard, but I've at the same time had a gerat time continuing doing what I usually do, I still come to practice and run practice, and I am more relaxed coaching when I don't have to try to improve my own playing. I also have spent some quality time on how we are going to get new girls into the leauge. We are running some foundationals skill classes - a few sundays, so girls that are interested in rollerderby can come and test and see if this is acctually something that they want to do. It's open to anyone that have their own gear and you do not have to be a member... if you wanna know more about it... you can read about it HERE!

And then we are going to have try-outs, we will start a Fresh Meat program with girls that already know the basics of skating and derby, and have the motivation and have a hunch of what it means to be a derbygirl. I really like running foundational skill sessions... It's superfun to see all the girls that are interested in joining us working so hard, and looking really awesome!

So I am off skates, but everyone else are on, and that is completly fine with me! I have my bike - and we are really getting really close nowdays! Like REALLY! I try to bike about 20km per day, and it is fun, and I am gettting an odd tan and it's amazing!

Oh, and I am back in school, taking leadership and oragnization classes, I just had an exam in communication... It's quite AWESOME!

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