Jun 18, 2013

I am back!! It is time!

Practice is done at sunset!

So I didn't feel like writing, and it's hard to force yourself to do something you don't wanna do, so I didn't... There are so many other things In life you gotta do that's sort of forced... And something you love doing, shouldn't be on that list...
I have spent the past six weeks off-skates since a scary sort of shark bit me during a bout... Worst pain ever! During the five years I've played rollerderby I have never been off skates more than barley three weeks... So this is a new experience! 

And to be honest - I LOVE rollerderby - and I do love the opportunity to be able to skate, but coaching and building a leauge and sport is also VERY important and fun!

I think we constantly need the reminder that this is OUR sport - and we are pushing it forward and we are all little important pieces in the awesomeness that rollerderby is.

You don't become an amazing athlete over a night - you work on it, you fall asleep visualising how amazing you and your teammates will do the next day, building rollerderby is just the same! We are all together building an amazing sport that makes me proud to be a part of, we surprise ourselves and the people that don't really understand us. We are former athletes, barstars, bartenders, mothers, sisters, brothers, hipsters, hippies, yuppies, homos, hetros, whatevers together we are all strong and together we can build something that matters, something slightly different, something that is competitive but that is not the only thing! Rollerderby is a sport - but to me it is and will always be so much more: it's what made me believe in myself and has taught me to be a teamplayer!

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