Jun 20, 2013

The fun with the unexpected

Life will always throw you a curveball -and you can't always hot homeruns... So being lost by trying to use some odd baseball analogy all I wanted to say was: fuck it and smile - it ain't that bad after all... There is a solution to everything... Threesome (ok I lost track again) nevermind

I got on skates - just a few minutes - did 30 laps - I feel accomplished. Little things that makes me happy - being able to rollerskate - you don't know how much you love it and will miss it when you just can't.
I ran late from work, jumped on the bike, got home grabbed my gear bag and ran to practice. At the bus with Becky I realised I had forgotten my whistle... Coaching without a whistle always make me wake up the next day sounding like Janis Joplin after a harsh night on the town... (That I would buy her)

Our practice is in a small little town outside Stockholm, and I figured the grocery store would be a better bet for whistles than the pharmacy... The girl working shook her head and said "nope, we have no whistles" and then me and Becky turned around to discover WHISTLES!! They might be used more for parties, but when in need... They were just PERFECT!!! 

Whistle - whistle....
Practice was superfun, I really love coaching a motivated and hardworking team! Few things come easy, and if they come to easy, you usually don't value it as much. 

One of my skaters broke her plate - about the third time this year, I guess R3's are only designed for so much fun... 

It's so crazy light outside now, 9pm and it's still bright outside! I love the summer in my country! This is what we all live for! Midsummerweekend,  I am gonna hang out with my bro/sis Becky Lawless. 

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