Jun 7, 2012

A Legit weekend...

Photo by Margaret Tyson
It was an amazing weekend - I got to see lot's of my American (and Canadian - Tush and Wile) friends and play some amazing banked track rollerderby. I love roller derby! In a crazy amount, it is the most amazing sport ever. Team Legit has always been a great team to skate with, and I am superhappy and proud that I am a part of it. And I was extreamly happy that I got to skate in Everett, because that is where I started rollerderby... 4,5 years ago... I started to skate in Everett... at the SkateDeck...

I got some time to hang out at Fast Girls, and I even coaxed myself into getting a pair of lift and separate shorts... yepp... I am going all girly on ya! 

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