May 23, 2011

Stockholm vs. Hamburg - bouting time

Picture of STRD warming up stolen from Facebook
Stockholm arranged their first bout this weekend, and it was amazing and fun, me and Loony were announcers and Hamburg got beaten by Stockholm. Stockholm did start off a little shaky the first jams, until they ended up in a powerjam situation, and capitalized MAJORLY on it, and htey never looked back. Hamburg was never even close to catching up during the entire game. Hamburg only fielded 10 girls for the Stockholm trip and they started to look tired in the second period - I must make an extra shoot out to Heavy Miss Gale, who I think was in more than every second jam, and was by faaar the most effective Hamburg blocker, until she fouled out with a few minutes left on the clock.
Stockholm played tight and you could tell that they been working harder on some aspects of the game, such as bridging, stringing out the pack keeping the Hamburg jammer in play and hitting her over and over.
Stockholm really is one of my favorite teams, probably because I feel like I have always been a part of STRD and it made me so happy to see them skate so hard and smart. Ahhhh Stockholm - you guys are great.
Exactly a year ago on the day of the game was when I dragged HussInsane to her first Stockholm practice, and in this game she was for sure one of Stockholms most effective blockers, but also made a few successful attempts with the star on her helmoet, but not only that she was also wearing the captain C on the arm, and just frankly looked great. HyperNova looked as great as ever jamming, fluidly getting through the pack and Twisted T is really turning out to be quite a double-threat.  Stockholm has lots of talented and hardworking skaters, and that makes me happy and I am looking forward to see lots of them next weekend for Team Sweden try-outs.
Oh, and the final score was 150 - 55 to Stockholm....

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  1. No, Gale really was in (nearly) EVERY jam, (except when she could relax for a minute in the penalty box;-) or the last jams, when she was forced to leave the track because of her seventh major;-)
    o pirate