Feb 2, 2011

My first European Scrimmage

(I'm white on the backline looking for the jammer.... suprise... suprise... )

I am no longer a European virgin, I now have been hit and hold in Europe, and I enjoyed it. I went to EROC and held a strategy workshop with Bloody Mary and held a workshop in advanced skating. It was amazing to see how many leauges there is in Europe there is, and how hard they work. I had the joy of skating for the white team, and we won... and as I said in my workshop winning is fun, but that was really not the most important of this scrimmage. I loved to skate next to a Finn, a Swede, a German and a French, whipping an ex-pat American, while being hit by a Belgian and a Britt.

It is hard to say where Europe will be in two years, but considering how much will and hard work there is here I hope for our own WFTDA tournament... Oh YEAH baby...

What makes Europe so interesting is all those women come together, speaking all those different languages, different cultural references and at the same time they are just you GOD OL' DERBY GIRL...

And a big thanks to the Berlin Bombshells for putting on this amazing event, making it possible for so many girls to get together and share that thing we like to call derby loooove...


  1. I hate that I missed the EROC II!! Hopefully I'll be headed to the UK in October, though!! Love the description of skating with girls from all over the world.

  2. what wheels did you use on that floor? I was useless, so slippy! Bombshells were awesome on it though!

  3. I used stingers, but I do think that poisons would be better!