Feb 15, 2011

Cooking on national TV

 (bilden stulen från QX.se hemsida)

So it finally aired, the TV-show I was shooting for a few months back... yeah... that was what it was all about... to be honest I haven't even seen it myself yet... I guess I have never seen a single episode of it, and the one with myself would be the first. So I am thinking about maybe watching the episode tonight and then watch the one of me afterward.

Oh, for all of you who are not Swedish, the show is basically a four day cooking show, so you are the host that cooks for one day and the other three days you just go home to the people that were your guests and eat what they cook for you. And then you rank each other on the hosting, the food and all that... I was the first person to host, and I had NO clue who was gonna come for food... so let alone say that I was overly nervous... yeah... ehhhh...  but it was a good time and a great experiance... ha ha ha... you know all those things you say after playing a blowout game and you are on the loosing side... but I always feel like a winner...

And for you who missed it and wanna see me on TV, Swedish speaking, probably with a dumb hint of American... (it was shot a week after I cam back from US) you can find it on TV4 PLAY.


  1. Curses! I get an error when I try to watch it, but I don't know Swedish so I can't read it. =(

  2. HUrt had that too, but he managed to make it work... I cannot help you, since I don't get an error.. eh... ha ha ha