Nov 17, 2015

Just a rant about food...

Life is an adventure, and some of us plan our adventure and some of just live it. 

I like to think I am somewhere in between. There are a few things I have always wanted, some of them I have gotten, some of them I haven't.

So a few weeks ago I wrote that I was going vegetarian, because I believe in more sustainable living, with the side effect of healthier eating. It is going really good, I've had meat a few times, but it has only been moose that my stepdad shot or lamb from my moms own. For me that's accceptble, and it will stay that way.

I will admit that I did watch Cowspiracy, and it did inspire me a little extra to eat as vegan as possible. My largest obstcle was that I LOVE milk in my coffee, and to be totally honest... there is nothing like cowmilk in your coffee... until I meat Oatleys iKaffe... I bow to it... I can drink that and ENJOY it. Becasue food is to enjoy, and not just to quickly shove in your mouth just to open it up for another bit.

Food should for sure taste good, and I try to cook good food. It makes me happy when people compliment me on my food or/and eat a healthy amount of it. The past week I've baked three times, twicce this amazing bananabread and once swedish style cinnamon and cardemon buns.... SO good!

I do start every morning with throwing an apple, half a carrot, weathgrass powder, spirtutlina powder, some celery, a bunch of spinnache and some water and mix it til its about smooth... 
VOILA, best breakfast ever! 

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