Mar 11, 2015

Well HELLO Berglöf!

So Facebook decided that I no longer could be Swede Hurt, I've been Swede Hurt on Facebook since 2009... So all of a sudden I'm Lina Berglöf... It's HELLA weird!
It's not that I mind my given name at all, I quite enjoy being Lina, it's more the fact that I am Swede to most of my Facebook friends, and they are all thrown off by this strange person Lina all of a sudden liking their pictures and chatting them up... I have been skating as Berglöf several times, the last time being the World Cup, representing Sweden. Btw Berglöf means mountain leaf in Swedish, and Lina is the name of my great grandmother... so I do like and honor both my names... but still, I also like being Swede... it has been my name more than Lina for the past 7 years...

Ah... well... there is a time for everthing, and I guess right now I'm Lina Berglöf to the Facebook world, in good and bad... can't say I'm thrilled, but I just don't feel like I have the energy to fight it. Not right now... maybe another day! 

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