Mar 30, 2015

Monday, Monday is today

Silly days in New York, it rains outside and we sit together on our computers and write away. My best friend is photoshopping pomerians into a photo with me while I’m sipping on a beer. I answer emails and think about laer tonight when I have a date with some random person that I met on Tinder. I don’t know what to expect, and at this point I see it all as an adventure. It all seem so dumb, I really don’t think that I will meet someone on the internet and then spend the rest of my life with them. But being me, I am of course willing to try, even if I most of the time have a better time here in my best friends apartment watching her photoshop while I work or not work. I enjoy my friends more than random people, but then, I am supposed to have an open mind, so I do. Maybe I make a new friend, or maybe it really is the person I will spend the rest of my life with… maybe I should stop having so much doubt… or maybe not…
We are sining along with the Dixie Chicks and share a beer, and I guess I cannot complain about life much. Tomorrow I will wake up early catch up on my Blocker Seeking Jammer work, walk to the CrashPad (it's where Gotham practice) do my off-skate work-out and then attend Shock Exchange practice as one of their new managers. 

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