Mar 10, 2015

Back in NYC and as entertained as ever

I am laying on the bed of my best friend, she's working away, and I am sore and slightly whiney. Yesterday Facebook decided that Swede Hurt s nt my real name, and I'm now Lina Berglöf with the world. Also yesterday I scrimmaged with Bronx and then with the Allstars and did those fun landrills that we always do on scrimmage days... This mornign I got up early and went to work out with my Bronx captain... Because the season is in full swing, and fitness is not going to be an issue.... I really do like to work out, but I can't do it myself, I just can't. I am WAY to easily distracted, I just come up with a thousand things I should do insted of the squats, pushups pullups or whatever is on the docket... So working out with a buddy keeps me on track...

I also decided I have to go on a healthier diet, not that I eat unhealthy, I just sort of over or undereat... I need to acctually be a little more consistant in my eating... 

OH OH OH... I got three TANKGIRL albums, I am more than delighted and will spend tonight falling asleep to the most amazing comics ever... Hells yeah! 

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