Oct 14, 2013

WFTDA Championships - here I come!

I admitt, that it be a little more fun if I was playing, but I am not, I am just going to watch. And that will be SO MUCH FUN!  Walk around and hold hands with a hot lady, probably wear something completly outragous, cheer for all my friends that ARE playing and have a good time.
I will be watching topnotch rollerderby together with friends and wear funny outfits! It feels like this cannot be anytnig but completly AMAZINGLY fun!  I was sitting down the other day looking at the WFTDA Championship bracket, and I can really not decide on who is going to win what! This is just BEYOND exciting! I am excited to see all those teams play! Gotham will always have a special place in my heart...

I am also sooooo EXCITED to watch London!

My flight is booked and I am almost ready to go... RIGHT now, but aperently I have to wait 25 days, because that is the date set for Champs, and that is also when my tickets are booked for it. I still ahve a hard time to contain myself! Ahhhh! Ahhh! And a big part of my excitement really is to walk into a big hug and to gaze into the most beuitul eyes I have ever seen. 

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