Oct 11, 2013

Portland, Portland

So I went to Portland to hang out with someone special, and it surpassed my expectations. I gotta hang out with someone that makes me giggle, that makes me blush and that holds my hand, someone that I can be just me with. She gives me compliments and hugs me tightly and yeah, makes me really happy. Yupp, that just happened!

I had a great trip, with some derby, got to see some old friends and make some new. I gotta see the last day of the playoffs in Salem - none of the games were particularly exciting, since Rat had a firm grip on Detroit from the get go and Bay Are we're not about to give Atlanta any spare points... The most exciting was probably the first half of the bout for the fifth place between Victoria and Toronto - until Victoria got a good grip and kept on plowing away. It's exciting to see that international derby is digging its way into the WFTDA ranks! Even if the only international team at Championship will be London Rollergirls... And that is EXCITING!!! And I am gonna go to Champs and I'm super excited about that!!
Afterparty dressed up in gold by some Demanda and Blue pressure, gotta see Eagle in a dress... (Why did I not take photos of this)

I got to join a Portland hometeam practice - it was fun to practice in the hangar and Guns N Rollers were superfun and nice to skate with. And on Wednesday I got to scrimmage with them - and that was also super duper fun, and I gotta skate with twin tower Eagle, tall awesomeness on the track. I really had a great time skating with Rose City!
Rainbow in Portland

Now I'm on my way to Helsinki to play Kallio on Saturday and Helsinki on Sunday, gonna be awesome to play with my team. 

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