Oct 14, 2013

Helsinki two bouts and friendtime

So I flew straight into Helsinki from Portland, into the arms of one of my best friends in the whole wide world: ONLY! I hate that she has moved back to Helsinki, and I liss her soooo much, both as a friend and as a player on my team. I am happy for her that she has found love in Helsinki and she get to be close to her teenage daughter (yes she has one of those). She deserve to be happy and I want her to be happy! BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME MISS HER ANY LESS!

Well, so when i came into Helsinki she got off work a little early and we went to her and Pygmes house and she made me soup and we caught up. I probably just babbeled all about Portland forever and ever and she told me the latest news on her life. Then Pygme came home and laughted at me saying htat Only was a very reasonable and easygoing person... we also established that Pyme is short and I am tall (BIG SUPRISES)

Me TALL you SHORT... any questions? 
Later that night Amy and Loony arrived, so we jumped into the SAUNA and drank some alcoholfree beer and prepared for the bout next day... being among frienemies.

I get coffee = mesohappy

Boutday was kicked off by a long walk to get food, and then we ate food before we went to the venue and met up with our teams. The bout itself was intense, Kallio early took the lead adn kept on chipping away, but at halftime we managed to get ourself togheter and start to chip away on that lead. And of course it all came down to the last jam, and guess what, WE WON!

Squeeeze! Kallio and Stockholm! 

I felt like I played really well, and I was awarded Best Blocker, and I got SUPERHAPPY by the award! After the bout we went back to Onlys place, tried to cook of the few things we found in the refrigerator... SAUNA again and then sleep, since Sunday was boutday AGAIN... this time a WFTDA sanctioned game against Helsinki, that beat us last time we played them. 

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