Feb 17, 2013

Stockholm rollerderby vs. Crime City Rollers: PART 3

Our Fresh Meat came and cheered us on!

Third time is a charm, whatever that is supposed to mean, this is called part three, since it's the third time Stockholm and Crime City play each other.....
So the first full WFTDA sanctioned bout in Sweden happened yesterday. Stockholm and Crime City have done lots of firsts, and it's about two years since we played the first bout in Sweden... In Malmö - and at that time me, Loony and Firebird all played with Crime City, and now we play with Stockholm, both amazing teams, and I'm so happy to be a part of Swedish rollerderby!

I been sort of not into derby lately, I've acctually honestly thought about retirement, I've just felt like I don't have it in me. But after this weekend I do feel much more positive and I remembered why I love rollerderby... I still have decided to re-prioritise some things... Life will rule rollerderby and not the other way around! Yesterdays game was fun, I wasn't prepared for it to be as much fin as it was and our off-skate is freaking HILLERIOUS, we all do the off-skate and then randomly starting to sing "My Girl" and half of the team don't really know the lysrics, but we fake it really well...

This is how much fun it is to talk about line-ups before the game...
We won yesterday, and the game was a nailbiter, it was our first game with the new rules, and we had one player foul out, in the last 10 min, I guess it could have been worse. We are still playing rollerderby, and as long as we keep it legal, the changes aren't that crazy different... Oh, and I got MVP and it really meant a lot to me, thank you CCR, and thank you STRD for helping me pushing myself and being a part of something that is amazing, and sorry I've been pissy and difficult lately...

I also wanna give out Fresh Meat an extra shoot-out for coming down and cheering us on, we needed that extra love!

I love rollerderby Sweden, you guys are awesome, I love the hard work we put in together! Amazing!!

My really cute MVP award!
And I do admit I love my A-team a tad extra, what is there not to love after seeing them sing karoke or dance at the stage in sports bras? Seriously! I must say I miss Husse, with her in the crew we knew we would win the afterparty, she's an animal... (and she was good to have on the track too)

Lets continue work hard and have those stupid laughs together..: and the drive to play great and amazing derby (and it feels good when we win too)

Karoke afterparty... and seriously... me and Becky do NOT sing... Amy is the star!

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