Feb 13, 2013

South 'n Roll Camp in Montpellier Day TWO

Sunday we ran a three hours of practice - mostly pack-drills... since the previous day we had worked on more induvudual work... and since we all know that rollerderby is a team-sport it's important to get all those induvidual skills into the your packwork... and so we did... and it was great to see how many opf the girls already were using things we had taught them the previous day.
We kept on havingPooky translating the drills into French and me and Fenix showing it with our non-French speaking bodies... It was a good time!
Lunch was tons of food and that made me SUPERDUPER happy, sicne all we got for breakfast was a pain au chocolate (tha's like a chocolate crossiant) and hardly breakfast for athletes, and made me think about the World Cup in Toronto, when the breakfast was NOT suitable for girls that were about to play 1-4 bouts that day. Eating nutriousious is SO important when you work out and use your body for hours and hours...

Nevermind, we got lot's and lots of yummy food for lunch and after that it was scrimmage time for the girls in the bootcamp... It was superfun to watch and see how well everyone were doing, using different skills we had worked on during the two days of the camp... I have NO clue if the white or the black team won, but both did great...

And then it was just for me to head back to the train that would take me back to Paris and another night of haning out with my favorite Em.

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