Apr 18, 2012

Glasgow vs. STRD

Right after the Bout... we won with TWO points

On the way to the afterparty we found somethign to climb

STRD went to Glasgow - with both our A and our B-team... and had the greatest time ever. I loved the Glasgow girl - the afterparty was just AMAZINGLY fun and the bout was a nailbiter...  we won with TWO point!
Glasgow were such amazing hosts - fun and helpful! I can't wait for them to come and play us in Stockholm, and then to come back and play in Glasgow again. I totally wanna see more of Scotland! Amazingly beutiful!
Loony got MVP and I got Best Blocker for Stockholm... and that was very exciting - even if I must say that the entire team did so fantastic and I am SO proud to be a part of Stockholm Rollerderby! We are a fun and amazing team - and all the hard work we put down is so worth it! The way we play better each bout, makes me happy! Hoka Hey!
Playing rollerderby is the best fun EVER, and with those girls... even more fun! I am so happy that one of my long time best friend Husse is playing on the team...
In the end of the night the two of us bought those face masks of famous Britts, I was Gordon Ramsey and ran down the streets telling ppl that their food tasted like.... and Husse was Rooney... it was beutiful...

But what a bout... what a bout... what a bout.... We only had 13 players from the get-go, and right before halftime one of our skaters went down injured.. yeah... so we played with 12... We all need to work on our endureance... MOHAHAhahaha... stairs and Stockholm... here we're coming! 


  1. Had a great time nsoing. Hope your unjured skater and ref are both well on the mend