Apr 25, 2012

Being sick sucks

I hate being sick, I usually deny being sick, I just continue as usual, until I fall to the floor or end up with bronchitos. Apperently I should take better care of myself, so when I woke up this Monday by Loony coming home from work, I decided that I had to go to work - but I would stay home from practice.
And so I did... derbylife has been extreamly tough the past weeks - due to the loss of our practice space and a few other reasons. It feels like a damp cloth has been laid over some of the usual spirit...

It's like everytime things start to look up - we are whacked over the head again... and again... and again... and it makes me really sad and I just feel like the world is a hopeless place to skate in... in short - I am really low right now! And being sick does not really help my spirit at all... 


  1. Get well fast, and I really wish the best for your team in finding a practice place!
    *crossingmyfingers* for an opportunity to drop by soon :)

  2. Ååååh, krya på dig! Jag skickar lite Malmöpepp på vägen!

    /från en som blev frisk nyss