Oct 6, 2010

Day One - again

(Me and Loony)

I like starting over, it's like I have a clean slate to build from, but it is actually a stronger clean slate than my first day one... that was five month ago. I also like to have goals, and now it is to be in shape and all that for WFTDA Championships in Chicago.

Today me and Loony are going to MoMA for a more cultural aspect of our lives and then I guess we are heading for leauge practice, we are both still sore since Bonnie Thunders KICKED out ASSES on Monday... So we will look like two little gimps at the museum.


  1. I must say, instead of doing my homework, I am reading your blog! I have similar goals: to go fit, to jam well, and to have arms in the suzy hotrod style. Way to come correct. It is very good inspiration.


  2. ha ha ha
    yeah, I sort have given up on the arms