Feb 28, 2015

Cross-country skiing and family

My mother taught me to cross-country ski when I was about two years old. For her it was really important that her children could ski, she's from a small village in Dalarna called Sågmyra. When my grandparents passed away about ten years ago, she kept the house, the house where she and her sister grew up, but also the house I spent much time in as a child. And as a kid I got to do lots of cross country skiing and I also learned downhill in the local hill Bjursås.

So three days in Sågmyra has been amazing. My two oldest stepbrothers and their families been here, and of course my mom and my stepdad. So lots of great food, family time and cross country skiing. And damn, it is fun to ski and I'm suprised I'm still pretty good, considering I don't go that often. 

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