Feb 9, 2015

Battle of the Allstars State tournament 2015

Ten different state teams gathered somewhere in Pennsylvania to battle out who was to win the trophy and the medals in a double elimination tournament. Once again I had the honor and opportunity to play on Team New York... And did I get to play! It was so much fun, but also one of the hardest weekend on my body ever.

On Friday we only had 9 skaters and we managed to pull a win over Virginia that played really well. This set us up to play against Maryland on Saturday, this time we had a 13 count of skaters, and it was a very tight and exciting game with eight lead changes and great plays from both our and their side, Maryland came out the leader of that one and dropped us down to losers bracket. Since it was a double elimination tournament you had to loose twice to be out.

Sunday we were down to 12 skaters and knowing we probably would have to face both Maryland (again) and  Pennsylvania to win. We played Virginia in the morning, and won, advanced to play Michigan two hours later, and won, just to be facing off Maryland 30 min later. That was a tough game, but I think we all pulled out the last energy we had to win, and we won. We all pulled it together and it made me so proud of the team. BUT this meant we were set up to play Pennsylvania 30 min later. And so we did, exhausted and with smiles on our faces. 
I had an amazing time, and to my suprise I got tournament Blocker MVP! It really meant a lot to me. Sometimes you need a boost, and even if my body is aching today and I feel like I got hit by a train, I love Rollerderby.. 

But if anyone asks me to play 4 full length games during a day again, i might not be totally psyked about it... Hahaha

Yay... it's such an honor!!

So I jammed once, this is the photo evidence.... 

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