Nov 30, 2014

Ready for the World Cup

Name and number: Berglöf "Swede Hurt", #46.
What is your home league? Gotham Girls Rollerderby.
What's your preferred position on the track? I love blocking, but I will do whatever the team is asking and need me to do. I'll jam, and I do think it is fun, but I wouldn't like to be a main jammer.
When did you start with Roller Derby? November 2007.
What's your derby motto? Tillsammans, tillsammans, tillsammans (Together, together, together).
I love that rollerderby is a teamsport, we win together and we lose together. We go out on the track together and make each other shine.
Which song is your best theme song?
I don't really have a specific song, but it probably be a The Sounds song.

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