Mar 5, 2014

More fighting fit... One extra day

Since our onskate practices have moved from Tuesdays to Mondays, we now have the great opportunity to do fighting fit twice per week. With we I mean, Chaos, me, Thunders and maybe Kim. Yesterday was our first Tuesday practice and it was only three of us there, and that s stellar, it was like we had our own personal trainer. VERY awesome, we did some more kicking, and I do ally prefer the kicking over the punching, don't know why, maybe because my strength has always been in my legs?
Well, and the fit part yesterday was kettlebell technique, and we had NONE of that. I think that Jo (the coach) laughed at us at one point, because we are so flexible and strong, but have so little awareness of our upper bodies.

The weeks in March will mainly look like follows:
Monday: on-skate 2 hours
Tuesday: fighting fit 1,5 hours
Wednesday: resting day or 1 hour gym legs/core/upper body
Thursday: fighting fit 1,5 hours
Friday: on-skate 2 hours
Saturday: resting day or 1 hour gym legs/core/upper body
Sunday: Scrimmage 2-3 hours

I have also started to be a little more conscious about what I'm eating, mostly because I tend to eat to little, compared to the amount that I work out. I have added protein shakes and chia seeds to my diet. I'm really working with a mission to become stronger and keep my body flexible and explosive. If I don't eat enough, I get sluggish and tired. I also seem to become sluggish and tired if I eat too much fried food, but everything in moderation seem to work for me

I really am a juice junkie, so my daily intake of sugar is probably out of hands, but I'm fine with that... I love my juices and am in no way planning to stop drinking all the freshly pressed juice I want nor stop my coffee consumption.... LOVE coffee...

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