Mar 31, 2014

Bout against Crime City 2014

Crime City is our biggest competion in Sweden, last year we played each other 3 times, and we beat them twice and them us once. So this weekend we went down to play them again, it was sort of a big deal since two of our main blockers left Stockholm. Emma Ryssfemma is doing the babything and Kix acctually moved to Malmö, and was going to play against us. I would lie if I said I wasn't nervous.

Playing CCR is always really emotional, partly because that they are my old team and also because so many of the girls on the team are my good friends and teammates on Team Sweden.I want them to do good! This being the first time for us to bout without Kix, and having her play against us, was of course also a factor that made the game a little extra emotional.

At the same time I was SUPEREXCITED to have two new girls on our Allstars playing their first bout with us, and both Panica and Mounty did amazing. The entire team did freaking amazing, I am really proud to be a part of this team, to captain and coach. Everyone has such a great attitude and their heads on their shoulders, we skate well together and push each other! I like that!

The bout was close, Stockholm took the lead from the beginning, but it wasn't like it felt like we were winning at any point, Crime City really gave us a run for our points. And once again this gives me so much hope and happiness for the future of Swedish rollerderby.

I got awarded MVP, and that always feels really good, but without my team being so awesome I would not be able to play as well as I did.

In three weeks we will be playing against Rocky Mountain, and that will really be something... the last bout we play in Sweden before we head over to Beach Brawl and play Houston, Steele City and Tampa... yikes! It's EXCITING and sooo amazingly crazy. I rememember two years ago, when talking about bringing Stockholm Roller Derby to USA, just was a dream, something we barley thought ever would happen... and NOW, it's what's happeing! 

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