Mar 5, 2013

I am a proud GYM-member

So I got a gym membership through my fantastic job, and we all know that I really like to work out, even if I am a really laaaazy girl... So I am now a member of SATS and now I've decided to really use those classes that they offer. Most of their classes are crazy popular and you have to book about a week in advance, and that is probably not really awesome for me, considering I'm quite an impulsive person.

I hate lifting weights by myself, and a personal trainer is currently not in my budget, so the next best would probably be the classes. So during the next few days I will tell you all about the classes I have attended...

So the first one I went to was called SATS Energy, it was supposed to be a high energy class with simple steps inspired by athletic movements...  
To be honest - I might be a very good rollerderby player, I still have NO clue how I can be, since my coordination is bad. People are known to compare me to a ragdoll... But simple and athletic movements sounded like someting that even a mildly aerobic challanged person like me could pass... WELL, if they by athletic inspired movements mean inspired by cheerleaders and gymnastics - I'll understand... I still did probably look very entertaining to everyone else... I really wanted to leave the class - but since I am such a trooper - I stayed around til the end... but SERIOUSLY - you will NEVER see me there again, jumping sideways while moving my arms out of sync... (everyone else were synced)

The second one I went to was Deadball, and you get a partner and then you spend 45 minutes throwing a 2,5 kg ball between you. The ball does not bounce... it's VERY dead! 
I had a great time, maybe because the random girl I got partnered with was one of the most positive people I've ever worked out with, it made me positive and we were both so supportive of each other that I almost started to think that we could compete in this, we were going pro.. but I don't think deadball is a competative sport... but I will return to this class, hoping that my new special friend will be there...

Stay tuned and I will let you know about, Box, Crosstraining, GRITPlyo, SATSCore and probably something else I have tried by then... now I am off to my dad to pick up a TV - since he apperently got a new one... so that mean i get his old as my new...

You may wonder what this picture has to do with the text... It's cookies and milk... I call it the best recovery meal EVER!


  1. jag har testat box på friskis och svettis och det var skitkul! Svårt, med tanke på att min koordination inte heller är toppklass, men jag tyckte det var bra ändå, explosivt och balansövande :)

  2. rekommenderar ntc training, minns dock vad killen som höll i passet heter.