Dec 8, 2015

A weekend with VR Nordic

Me and Dykestalker blocking together
Photo by Paul Delooze
A long time ago I moved back to Sweden, or even before I moved back, we started up VR Nordic. I've been skating on Team Vagine since 2008, and it was only natural for me to be a part of starting up a Nordic chapter, of something that have given me soo much.

VR Nordic played our first game against Crime City Rollers a few years back, during the Derby Festival and then it seem like we have gotten invited to play a game each year.

VR Nordic has been a very fun experiance, and I love to be able to hang out with some of the best Queer skaters of the Nordic countries and just have a relaxed and fun game. Me, Only and Pygmi have been making sure there has been merch and that games are set up. Currently I have 25 VR shirts at my house I have to mail out... Has to wait until after this weekend and my semester is over... UGH...

Well, nevermind... this year we secured a game against VR UK in Birmingham, during a mens tournament. Except from neitther of us being a big fan of Birmingham, we're all keen on playing. We had some new additons to the roster such as Dykestalker from CCR and BlowMe from Stockholm and Team Norway skater Yoshibitchu. Also Fenix from Team Sweden joined us for the first time... and the bout was SO MUCH FUN!

I played an entire bout without a single penalty, and that felt really good. It was my first bout in a long time, and it totally made me remember why I do love rollerderby so much! Everyone seemed to have such a good time and played so well together.

We all went out for dinner together for an all you can eat, a little spicy for some of the queers, but some beers and we were ready for the lesbian bar... and we tore that place up! We CLOSED that place!
and we did win at the pool table... after some hard fought times! Good times with the locals!

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