Jun 2, 2015

Pretty in Pink Prom RollerDisco

Brooklyn has a park called Prospect Park and there is a roller rink there - and Lola Star runs a different theme roller disco every Friday night during the summer.

So last Friday I took three non-derby friends to skate to music, and it was real fun. Dancing around on skates really is the best fun ever, except from rollerderby. I can't say I am real good it, but I do my best!

Since the theme was Pretty in Pink prom I found a 8 dollar sparkly pink dress at one of the many vintage stores I frequent for fun outfits. At the rink I ran into some of the NYSE guys, and Otter even talked me into entering the dance contest with him. I think we at least were entertaining!

This is something I could do every Friday night!

Me and AK "dancing"

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