Aug 2, 2014

Swedish Championships in Rollerderby 2014

I know this is real late, but I've thrown my life in a crazy direction and made a bunch of rational and probably irrational changes... And it has lead to no blog in a while, since I frankly have not really had my computer around not time to write. This is about to change....

Last year I stod on the bench, coaching my team to a gold. I felt like i was a part of that gold, even if a torn hamstring the previous month stopped me from any sort of rollerderby action. It was awesome to bench, but I still love playing rollerderby too much, I still love skating fast and hitting hard, I want ready to retire. 

So this year I got to skate in the finals against Crime City. It was superduper fun but hard to play. This was my last bout with Stockholm for quite a while...  Both Stockholm and CCR played well, but in the end Stockholm took the win. This was a real hard bout to play, and both teams deserved to win. 

It was also my last bout with Stockholm for 2014...

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