Jul 16, 2012

Derbyfestival in Malmö

This weekend was so full of things that I don't even know where to begin, not at all... we fun we had sun, and rain, and skated, and skated, and ate too little, got weird tans, wore to big bout shirts and to small hotpants. I got kissed and sun kissed and I smiled, a lot!

Vagine Regime Nordic played our first bout against Crime City Rollers A-team and the Swedish Meatwalls won against all the other contries until yesterday in the final - when we ended up with a draw against the Finns... 92 - 92

It was a really amazing weekend with dancing in the rain, hanging out with amazing people and lots and lots of skating... and I can't complain about getting to bout too much - even if I now (and yesterday) suffer from a real bad cold and some bruises...

Thanks to everyone that made this happen, I know it was really hard work! 

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